The woman who has not loved, even in the ordinary human and limited which means of the word, has no conception of her own soul. Women have achieved their most decisive and noteworthy effects upon the historical past of mankind by reaching and clinging to extremes.

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Loyalty is among the blending traits of the sexes; but, if I were compelled to attribute it distinctively to 1 sex, I should class it as female in its nature. There is a median woman, however she has not been discovered except in theory. The typical woman, as she is seen in the pages of history, is both very good or very unhealthy.

It isn’t, nonetheless, with this informing spirit that we’ve to do in such a piece as this. There have been many misconceptions concerning woman; I wouldn’t enterprise to claim that none now exist. Yet there’s a common consensus of settlement regarding her dominating and effective traits, and the probability is that in these common legal guidelines so laid down the widespread opinion is of reality. It could also be doubted if the feminine intellect has elevated since the daybreak of civilisation.

The love could also be diffused or concentrated, basic or particular, however it’s always the soul of the true woman, and without it she can’t live. Love for her God, love for her race, love for her nation, love for the person whom she delights to honor–these might exist separately or as one, however exist for her they need to, or her life is barren and her soul however a dead factor.

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Loyalty to one idea, to one perfect, has been a predominant attribute of woman from time immemorial. Sometimes this loyalty takes the type of patriotism, sometimes of altruism, typically of piety in true sense; but all the time it has its origin and life in love.

We might claim Shakespeare as the equal of Homer in expression; nevertheless it requires true hero worship amongst his admirers to position the Elizabethan singer upon an equality with the old Greek in some other respect. There has been no development of individual mind in either sex since the days of which we first find document; however there has been a rise of common and a definition of tendency that are productive of higher common result.

We find women saints and we find women demons; but we hardly ever find a imply. The man of history is never altogether good or evil; he has a definite center floor, during which we are most apt to search out him in his truest aspect. Even in the situations of the most effective and noblest men of whom we’ve report this rule will hold. They have been throughout in keeping with themselves; they had been utterly pure and holy, as Mary Magdalene,–to whose character nice mistaken has been carried out prior to now by careless commentary,–or totally vile, as Herodias. Extremist though she be, woman is all the time constant in her extremes; therefore her power for good and for evil.

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And the natural consequence of this state of issues is found in the truth that even a Sappho in the world of letters wouldn’t stand out so prominently, would not be thought-about such a prodigy, have been she to come in today. We ought to admire her genius and her powers without feeling the sensation of marvel that these must be possessed by a girl. It is in the recognition of this fact that we are better enabled to know the altering side in the article source relations of girls to men throughout these latter years. There has been no alteration in the prospects within the grasp of the person, however great change inside these which could be claimed by the intercourse at massive. Women can do no extra now than in the olden days after they were thought-about as nearly inferior to animals; but woman has profited by the alternatives of her time, and is daily growing powers until now unsuspected.

Extremism is at all times a mark of enthusiasm, and enthusiasm accomplishes effects which will need to have been left eternally unattained by mere regulated and conscientious effort. The excessive enthusiasm which supported a Catherine and a Cecilia of their hours of trial was robust to steer the place the death of a person for his convictions would have been looked upon as a matter after all. It is from this enthusiasm and extremism that there sounds one of the key-notes of woman’s nature–her loyalty.

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We boast of the mighty achievements of our age; however we’ve not but built such a structure as that of the Temple of the Sun at Baalbec, or the Pyramid of Cheops at Ghizeh. We satisfaction ourselves upon our letters; but the grandest poem ever written by man was additionally the primary of which we now have report–the Book of Job, and we don’t even know the name of the poet who thus set a regular which has never since been reached.

To-day woman stands on a different plane of recognition, however by cause of assertiveness, not because of increased psychological ability. As with that of man, the chances of woman’s intellect had been long latent; however they existed, and the result is growth, not creation of fibre. I repeat that I do not consider that the female intellect has grown in energy. I doubt if the current age can show a mind superior in pure power to that of Sappho; I do not imagine that the present Empress of China, strong woman as she is, is bigger than Semiramis, or that even Elizabeth of England was the equal of the warrior-queen of Babylon. But there may be no doubt that there exists a broader tradition to-day than ever earlier than and that thus the mental sum of women is all the time growing, although there comes no increase in the psychological powers of the person.

Love, in the true sense of the word, is the essence of the lady-soul; it is the soul itself. That she doesn’t at all times ask whether or not the object of her love, be it abstract or concrete, be worthy of her devotion is not to be attributed to her as a fault, but rather as a virtue, for the reason that love itself expands and vivifies her soul if itself be worthy. It is without delay the expression and the expenditure of the unsounded depths of her soul; it’s by way of its power over her that she recognises her personal nature, that she knows herself for what she is.