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Wiring diagram


We successfully started the production of the outdoor panel
with LCD and keypad in 2005. Since then the system has
proved its reliability and convenience, becoming our
best-selled product. 
The system allows cutting the costs for wires 2 to 3 times
compared to the analogue systems.
When a visitor steps in front of the outdoor panel, he/she will see
on the LCD the address of the building and a prompt to dial through
the keypad the number of the apartment, they wish to call. 
The keypad also acts as a code lock for keyless access of
the residents. Each resident has their own four-digit code,
which can be changed at anytime, if desired. The LCD shows
the address of the building,as well as instructions for
exploitation and programming. The names of the residents
can also be entered.
The outdoor panel is compact with the same look and size
for 1 as well as for 240 apartments. A video camera and
a card-reader can be easily added to the panel.
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