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The digital video door phone Betamark BM 4328 provides audio and video connection between the entrance and a flat or office in residential or public buildings. As a module in the digital system BM 4000 Smart the video doorphone can perform many additional functions.
There are 3 types of video doorphones available: 7″ handsfree ,3.5″ with keypad and 3.5″ without a keypad. The keypad enables all functions of the system.
• Different electronic ring tones, indicating where the call comes
  from (entrance, concierge, security guard)
• Electronic melody from the floor available (“ding-dong”), without
   requiring a separate bell
• Electronic adjustment of the ringing volume
• Privacy of the conversation (no tapping)
• Control light signal when ringing and during conversation, as well as in “system busy” mode
• “Do Not Disturb” function with light signal
• Video surveillance of the entrance, conversation and unlocking of the door from the flat
• Intercom connections with neighbors, concierge and a security guard, without requiring more
• Auxiliary buttons with optional functions such as calling a neighbour / concierge or switching
   on the staircase lighting
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